Sporthall Žatika Poreč


The hall has two handball courts with a gross floor area of 14,000 m2, which can accommodate 3700 spectators for sports events.

The hall itself consists of a large hall with a view from which it descends from the entrance hallway. Fixed viewpoint is located on three sides of sports grounds – from the south, west and east. For the sake of big events, telescopic stands are located on the south side beneath the fixed stands and the assembly stands mounted on the north facade. Above the southern fixed tributes will surprise the auditorium of the balcony. The building has a total gross surface area of approximately 14 thousand square meters.

The total capacity of fixed stands is 1,898 seats and 46 seats for VIP visitors and 46 wheelchairs. Telescopic stands have 432 seats, or 348 seats during major competitions, when part of the eastern telescopic stands can “save” and that part of the space is used for, for example, the direction. There are also assembly stands with 1,260 seats, which make a total of 3,626 or in the maximum variant of 3,710 seats. We also add how the seats in red and gray, the official colors of the City of Poreč.

The building of the hall is positioned so as to follow the natural slope of the terrain. With its lenght and the lower facade, fully glazed, the hall is oriented towards the north, and side to the east or west side. The southern part is parallel to the Žatika ring road.

In addition to the main large hall there is also a small hall of 213 square meters, and a fitness room with an area of ​​86 “squares”, on the same level as the main playgrounds. In addition to the main and accompanying facilities in the multipurpose hall, there are additional spaces for catering and club needs, as well as a series of occasional and flexible (de) mounting spaces for events and fairs.